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Article 81 Guardianship Advocacy and Discussion Group

The Article 81 Guardianship listserv allows professionals involved in Article 81 Guardianship to communicate ideas and raise questions pertaining to all aspects of Article 81 Guardianship and its relationship to other fields (e.g., mental health law, landlord-tenant law, Medicaid and managed long-term care). Members of the listserv are encouraged to post topics and discussions related to guardianship or its intersection with related fields, or to issues with their own cases. We hope this listserv will be a resource that connects our community and educates us about the problems and solutions engendered by Article 81 Guardianship work. The group is open to guardians, legal advocates, court examiners, court evaluators, and other Article 81 service providers.

To join the discussion, please check this box. Please fill out all of the fields.

Child Care Policy Issues

This list will discuss child care policy issues in New York State. It is open to child care advocates in New York State, but not to local social services districts or state officials. We hope that advocates will use the list to ask questions and create dialogue on policy issues concerning child care.

To join the discussion, please check this box or send an e-mail with the information requested in the form to Susan Antos

DAP Online Discussion List

The Disability Advocacy Program (DAP) list serve is maintained and coordinated by the Empire Justice Center. It is a forum for the exchange of information on cases, trends, and other issues related to Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as well as the provision of technical assistance in individual cases. Only staff from DAP-funded programs or other approved advocates are granted admission to the listserv; it is generally not open to government employees or private attorneys.

IV-D-child Support List

This list serve has been created to meet the needs of legal services programs in New York State who work with low income individuals affected by the child support collections system, also known as the IV-D system (from Title IV-D of the Social Security Act).

This list will focus on issues involving child support as it relates public assistance (the pass through and excess support) and other areas where benefits and child support collection issues intersect. We expect that areas of discussion will include: access to information (the child support call center), Medicaid (the new federal medical support regulations, confinement costs), state owed arrears issues and other issues as they come up.

This will not be a discussion for issues involving Family Court practice unless it specifically relates to a IV-D issue.

Domestic Violence Disability News Discussion Group

DV-Disability Online Discussion List is a discussion group that allows New York State domestic violence program advocates, disability-related service organizations, and Deaf service providers the opportunity to exchange ideas and information, raise questions, network, and share resources and successes throughout the state on the topic of domestic violence experienced by women with disabilities or who are Deaf. We will also use this list to coordinate training and outreach activities, as well as the provision of technical assistance.

Discussion group membership is limited to domestic violence programs, disability-related service organizations, and Deaf service providers. New members are encouraged to join and all applicants will be screened to determine if they qualify for membership. The Empire Justice Center, the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Center for Disability Rights will serve as administrators and monitors of this discussion group.

Members should be aware that this discussion group is not confidential and postings to the listserv will be received by a diverse group of service provider members across the state. Postings to DV-DISABILITY do not constitute legal advice or services. Upon admission to the discussion group, you will receive further listserv guidelines.

This list is not open to individuals or consumers seeking domestic violence or disability-related services or assistance. If you need help, contact the New York State 24 hour Domestic Violence Hotline at:

English: 1-800-942-6906
Spanish: 1-800-942-6908
English TTY: 1-800-818-0656
Spanish TTY: 1-800-780-7660

To join our discussion, please check the box.

Domestic Violence News Discussion Group

The primary purpose and mission of DVNews is to provide opportunities for question raising, information sharing, networking, and dissemination of other educational and resources for New York's civil legal services attorney community and selected others assisting victims and survivors of intimate partner violence. This is a robust listserv and new members are encouraged to join. Access to and use of this discussion group is strictly determined by its members.

To aid in screening for listserv access, potential members are asked to provide the name of the organization they work for and subscribe using their organizational e-mail address. Members have determined that this listserv community may include NY-based civil legal services attorneys representing victims of domestic violence, attorneys working for/in domestic violence programs, attorneys in law school clinical programs or law professors, domestic violence victim advocates, staff at the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence or the Family Justice Centers, as well as domestic violence-related staff from the Center for Court Innovation. Consideration will also be given to legislators and their staff who are advancing domestic violence-related bills.

While some individuals may benefit from participation, they may not advance the listserv's primary mission. Membership reviewers recognize that the presence of certain other professionals on this listserv may inhibit open discussion about issues critical to the primary listserv community, as well as raise potential legal conflicts. Accordingly, this listserv community has determined that this list shall not include students, prosecutors, law enforcement or community corrections staff, court staff or members of the judiciary, staff from state or local social service agencies, legal services attorneys whose primary practice is to represent alleged domestic violence perpetrators, or members of the private bar. Membership reviewers reserve the discretion to make certain exceptions and allow access to the listserv on a case-by-case basis (i.e. where the private bar attorney works with a legal services provider or domestic violence program as a volunteer representing significant numbers of victims of domestic violence and is known to the listserv community).

As a listserv member, we encourage you to respond to the questions, issues and ideas circulated by other members. Members should be aware that this discussion group is not confidential. Members of various legal and non-legal organizations will be receiving your emails. Please do not refer to specific client names or details. While this list is self-facilitated, listserv administrators are responsible for addressing inappropriate postings.

To join the discussion, please check this box.

Family Law Online Discussion List

This list is for legal services advocates in New York State who represent clients in Family Court

Foreclosure Funding Discussion Group

This list of for discussion by advocates in non profit legal services and housing counseling agencies of funding for foreclosure defense in NYS.

HIV Online Discussion List

Please read this description of the group before checking this box to subscribe.

HOPP Funded Legal Services Staff in Upstate NY

List for HOPP Funded Legal Services Staff in Upstate NY.

Housing Online Discussion List

The Housing Online Discussion Group is for legal services attorneys and advocates in New York State who represent tenants.

Kinship Care Online Discussion Group

The Kinship Care Online Discussion Group provides a forum to legal advocates who represent or provide legal advice to those who are or seek to be kinship caregivers. The Discussion Group provides and opportunity to discuss legal issues, to raise questions, and to share information, tips, and strategies. Kinship care refers to grandparents and relatives who provide primary care. Under many circumstances the term can also include non-relative primary caregivers. The discussion group is open to legal advocates who serve the kinship care community.

Language Access Online Discussion Group

The purpose of this listserv is to permit and encourage advocates to post and respond to queries, report on issues of concern, and share information and strategies concerning language access in social services, the courts, housing, health care, education and other arenas in which New Yorkers with limited English proficiency are entitled to assistance in communicating and interacting.

LGBT Online Discussion Group

The LGBT Online Discussion Group provides legal advocates who represent lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual individuals in New York State with a forum to discuss legal issues, to raise questions, share information, and share practice tips and strategies. The discussion group is open to legal advocates and service providers who work with the LGBT communities.

LGBTQ DV Online Discussion Group

The LGBTQ DV Online Discussion Group is a forum for civil legal advocates in New York State who represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and non-binary survivors of intimate partner violence and victimization (LGBTQNB). This discussion group is a place to discuss legal issues, raise questions, share information and resources, and share practice tips and strategies. The discussion group is open to civil legal services legal advocates and other service providers who work with the LGBTQNB survivor communities.

This forum is not place for LGBTQNB survivors seeking help or information. If you need help:

  • New York City Anti-Violence Project: 24 Hour Hotline (English & Espanol): 212-714-1141 or report online at
  • New York State Domestic Violence 24 Hour Hotline (English & Espanol/Multi-language accessibility): 1-800-942-6906 or 711 for Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • New York State Chat/Text hotline: Text at 844.997.2121 / Chat:
  • LGBT - NYC Online Discussion Group

    The LGBT Online Discussion Group is NYC specific. It is for legal advocates in the city who represent lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual individuals with a forum to discuss legal issues, to raise questions, share information, and share practice tips and strategies. The discussion group is open to legal advocates and service providers in the city who work with the LGBT communities.

    Medical-legal Partnership Discussion List

    The Medical-legal partnership discussion group allows members who either have a medical-legal partnership or who are interested in starting one share information and resources. Legal and medical professionals are encouraged to join the discussion group.

    Medicaid Online Discussion List

    This is a discussion group on Medicaid issues in New York State. It is primarily for legal services advocates, but if you are in private practice and want to join, please give us an indication of your community involvment (board positions, pro-bono work, bar committees)

    Medicare Part D Discussion List

    This is a discussion group on issues arising from the implementation of Medicare Part D in New York State. It is a list open to advocates working anywhere in New York State. The list is open to people in non-profits as well as private practice. It is not open to government employees.

    Mental Health Advocacy List

    The mental health advocacy list serve (or MH_Advocacy) facilitates communication among mental health law practitioners, providing a forum to share information and to ask questions about all aspects of mental health law. The list serve also provides an opportunity to share work and develop co-counsel and other collaborative relationships.

    All subscribers to this List Serve are lawyers advocating in the area of mental health law on behalf of individuals with mental disabilities. The List Serve is not intended for, and in fact screens out, lawyers who work for any government agencies which deal with any aspect of mental health law.

    Monroe County Language Access Coalition listserve

    This listserve will be an instrument used by members of the coalition to share information. The Monroe County Language Access Coalition is a group of individuals representing public and private organizations in Monroe County.

    We are committed to promote and ensure that by 2025 all persons with limited English proficiency (LEP), Non-English proficiency (NEP), Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and other communication barriers, have full access and meaningful inclusion to any public and private services in their preferred language and mode of communication.

    National Cancer Legal Services Network

    The National Cancer Legal Services Network - LegalHealth, a division of the New York Legal Assistance Group, recently received funding from the Lance Armstrong Foundation to form a national network of providers that assist cancer survivors and their families with legal issues. The Network is comprised of direct legal services programs, pro bono groups and organizations that provide training to healthcare professionals and survivors. The Network members will share best practices, exchange information and resources and discuss sustainability strategies. The Network and list serve are open to any program throughout the country that assists survivors on legal matters.

    NYC Housing Online Discussion List

    This list is primarily for advocates practicing in New York City.

    Public Benefits Online Discussion List

    This discussion list is for advocates in New York State who represent people seeking public assistance or food stamps

    Stable Homes Campaign

    The purpose of the Stable Homes Campaign list is to provide a place where folks interested in learning about and supporting the Stable Homes Campaign can share information, discuss the issues and talk strategy. The Campaign aims to build support for Home Stability Support (HSS) legislation, which will create a supplement to the woefully inadequate public assistance shelter and fuel-for-heating allowances, so that low-income New Yorkers have a fighting chance to meet the costs of housing and heat.

    RFF Partners listserv

    ROC Your Family's Future is a program that seeks to lower incidences of adverse childhood experiences by increasing the household income of families through the Earned Income Tax Credit.

    Additionally, through our network of agencies you are helping to build, we also provide families access to ACE protective factors to help prevent and treat occurrences of ACES.

    This list serv provides agencies an opportunity to ask questions of other agencies, to seek out potential referrals for clients, and to announce events.

    RHYadvocates listserv

    This list is for advocates in New York State that assist unaccompanied runaway and homeless youth (typically 16-24 years old) navigate shelter, benefits and subsidized housing programs and systems. Membership is limited to advocates and providers, and not open to government officials.

    Upstate Foreclosure Litigation List

    This list is for discussion by legal services advocates in Upstate New York who are litigating issues for clients facing foreclosure

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